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Breaking the Ice

Getting to me as a Candidate

Preston Scott was very generous to do a podcast with me regarding my campaign.


Preston Scott Podcast

Getting to know me as a candidate.

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My Platform

When I cast a vote for a candidate, I research all I can about each one. It is frustrating to me that many are so vague. I don't want to be that kind of candidate and I wish to be perfectly clear so you can make an informed decision. So please contact me if you are unclear about anything. 

First and foremost, my main concern is the safety of our children. Our schools do not meet the standards of compliance of the state requirements for the Guardian Program. Our children's lives should be guarded with our own blood, sweat, and tears. They are the most sacred possessions in our lives and a gift from God. We should not take that lightly.

Secondly, we need to protect our children from indoctrination. They are not old enough or wise enough to make decisions about sexuality. We need to stand for and guard their innocence. 

Thirdly, we need to invite every parent back into the classrooms. I completely support the Parental Rights bill and believe parents should vote on what is being taught to our children. We need to take back control of our children's education. 

Finally, we need to revamp the curriculum altogether. We need to return to classes such as Civics, Life Skills, Home Economics, classes that teach budgeting and other critical skills that will set our children up for success.

Due to the election being less than a week away, I can no longer take donations. - Thank you.